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1x in 2022 ?

Why is my neighborhood now only getting 1X service.? This will not support my watch nor ohine well.  I can't even make calls unless I'm connected to Wi-Fi generally. As soon as I turn in the parking lot of my condo complex my Galaxy S20 calls drop;  the entry to the parking lot is too far from my unit to pick up the Wi-Fi.

My zip code is 44087.

Defined by Veruzon:

1X or 1xRTT is the slowest and oldest cellular technology used by Verizon Wireless. It basically means the phone isn't connected to the LTE or 3G. 


Re: 1x in 2022 ?

Up until recently we had 4G service.  I know you are rolling out 5G but these big gaps in 4G service are showing up quite often. There is a 5G antenna about a thousand feet from my condo. That's too far I know.