15 Years as a Customer Down the Drain
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I've been a customer of Verizon for over 15 years.  They used to have great customer service.  My current situation,  I'm looking for another cell phone company. I've been so disrespected by Verizon. I've spent over 8 hours talking to 6 different customer service reps trying to replace a lost cell phone.  I'm still on the phone with one rightnow.   Holding. I would not advise anyone I know or anyone I meet to sign up with Verizon. Then you look on BBB and they are listed as A+. In my opinion, they are not. I've been placed on hold for an hour then hung up on. They forgot I was holding and never returned to the call after a hour. I've gone thru at least 4 managers. Still, no resolution.  What kind of company is this.

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Thank you for reaching out and for your loyalty of over 15 years. We strive to provide the best customer service and I apologize if that has not been the case. Losing a device is not fun for anyone. I rely on my phone for almost everything and I would be lost without it. Were you able to replace the phone? Did you upgrade the line or did you have insurance and were making a claim?