$22.91 per Month Samsung S10 Promo Not Working

Why is this promo (see images below) being advertised to me and why am I not allowed to receive it when attempting to checkout?  Please explain ....

NOTE: There is no fine print about any limitations.  This is the price advertised by verizon online.

Image 1 = Smart Phone Shopping Page (The $22.91 / month promo is advertised here)

Image 2 = Order Details Page (Notice how there is an option for the monthly payment plan of $22.91 per month)

Image 3 = Summary Page Prior to checkout (Notice how the promotional price is not shown here at all)


Promo 1.jpg
Upgrade Page (To Choose Monthly Plan)Upgrade Page (To Choose Monthly Plan)Review Cost PageReview Cost Page

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Re: $22.91 per Month Samsung S10 Promo Not Working
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to read that the offer is not working for you, el_grande02. This offer is shown for all customers, and is not a targeted offer. It will that price for all customers. This offer does require an upgrade and an Unlimited plan. Are you on an Unlimited plan?