24 hours later and still not activated
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You can't activate my new $1400 phone that I haven't been able to use in 24 hours since picking it up yesterday. I now 24 hours later have no phone but you can of course deactivate my old phone but here I am stuck with a $1400 paperweight. I am very patient and understanding but you would think you would want to take care of your customers since you have the most expensive service in the business. I have made two calls to the 800 number (that actually made it to a human) and the fist was useless and the second did everything she could do but sent an "IT request" over seven hours ago. I know why everyone keeps telling me to leave Verizon now but after being a loyal customer for well over a decade I have stayed loyal but this may be the last straw. I guess the days are gone where you can go into a store, make a purchase, and leave with a new fully functional phone in twenty minutes.

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Thank you so much for reaching out to us today. We do value your loyalty to Verizon Wireless for the years. I'm sorry that we're having a hard time getting your new phone activated. My goal is to make sure that we get you up and running. What is the make and model of the device that you're trying to activate? Are you getting error messages when you try to activate the device? Please keep me posted.  KevinR_VZW