$250 visa gift card

I was a sprint customer for years and I heard Verizon had a deal going on if you switch to Verizon you will receive a $250 Visa card for each line you switch so I thought wow what a sweet deal so I went to the Verizon store locally and talk to the sales girl and she said it was legit so I decided to switch all three of my phone lines to Verizon in the intent of receiving three $250 gift cards for switching the sales girl said I would receive something in the mail in regards to the gift cards. I never received anything and I called Verizon the Verizon store and talk to the sales girl. She said she couldn’t do anything it was on the company end and I would have to call the 1- 800 Verizon number  so I did almost every day for three months and got the runaround. Every time I would get switched from one operator to another until finally someone would say you will receive a call back the following day and they kept putting me off every time and nobody ever helped me and I never got my gift cards  so for me the Verizon gift card deal is a big huge LIE It was very disheartening because I should have received those and time for Black Friday shopping and I thought I would be able to give my kids a really good Christmas by getting those gift cards, but instead  it was a huge disappointment, and I was not able to do the things that I had planned for my kids Christmas.