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3g coverage
Anyone else having problems with their phone not connecting to 3g lately? Add this problem to the laundry list of issues with this phone. I've never had problems like this with a phone so often. My question is that if Verizon knew this phone had so many issues with reception and GPS, why would they sell it? They have been so careful with this **bleep** update, yet so careless with the phone itself. What happened to the non-froyo update that was supposed to help with some of these issues? I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I feel like Charlie brown and Verizon is using my phone as the football they Yank away as soon as I get ready to use it.
Re: 3g coverage
Enthusiast - Level 2

Verizon experienced a 3G nationwide outage last night, but it was fixed. For media coverage, see:



- Jamie