$4000 Credit got reduced to $2000

For 15 years I have been a faithful Verizon Customer. Had a Sub acoount before this one. For 15 years Verizon never touched my Available Finance Credit of $4000. Now just last week when I go to buy a Watch, they reduce me to $2000!!!! For 15 years I pay Verizon for 11 lines $700-$900 a month. My credit history and payment history with Verizon has always stayed the same. Give me back my credit Verizon, or I will go someplace else. This is wrong!

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Re: $4000 Credit got reduced to $2000
Customer Service Rep


We'd never want to lose you as a long standing customer. It's understandable that this would have you upset though. The Device Finance limit is not set in place by customer service or even our sales team. Our financial team does periodic checks of accounts and compare many factors like credit history with us, your credit score, and payment history (to name a few) to determine how much of a limit you are qualify for. We don't have a way that we can change this systematically. it will be reviewed usually every 6 months. I hope this information helps.