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4G and 3G Data issues on GN - Grey Bars

I have a New Galaxy Nexus and my coworkers have the Samsung Charge and Thunderbolt from VZW.

We have been testing our 4G speeds and the Nexus barely gets 1/4 of the download speeds from the 4G network, even when testing from the same servers during the same times. Looking at my zip I'm smack dab in the middle of the LTE coverage area too...

Ive noticed that sometimes all my bars, 3G and 4G are just grey for like 20 mins every now and then. I have wifi turned off and have tried pulling the battery and reseating the SIM card. Nada... Nicht Gut! Muy Malo!

Is there something that I can do to get speeds up or any other suggestions?

Verizon Samsung Charge


1/24/2012 14:33,Lte,35.16611,-80.82841,1467,2501,56,"Shelby, NC",,

1/24/2012 14:35,Lte,35.16611,-80.82841,2312,156,614,"Chester, SC",,

1/24/2012 14:37,Lte,35.16611,-80.82841,4401,1485,94,"Atlanta, GA",,

Verizon Galaxy Nexus


1/24/2012 14:33,Lte,34.0817,-84.2553,2120,822,85,"Wilson, NC",,

1/24/2012 14:35,Lte,34.0817,-84.2553,578,86,151,"Chester, SC",,

1/24/2012 14:36,Lte,34.0817,-84.2553,1059,813,87,"Atlanta, GA",,

In some cases: its 4401 vs 1059 Downloading from the same server.

Please advise and thanks for your time.