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4th replacement in a month just ordered

SO I got my third CPO replacement yesterday as my Fascinate was still not receiving calls after ED04. This morning had it happen once again with the new phone. Took it to a VZW Store. The rep tried calling it three times. Only rang once of those three times. What do you think he suggested.... thats right.... a factory reset. This phone was less than 18 hours out of the box. Naturally after the reset is worked perfectly for five more calls. All fixed, right????? The magic factory reset cures all....


Three hours later the Market starts going a little crazy so I shut the phone down and do a battery pull. I go to turn it on. Won't turn on. When holding the power button the battery picture shows up that is the indicator when the phone is off but charging. Pull battery again. Same thing. Battery is probably at 50%. Definitely not dead. Take it to different VZW Store. They plug it in and it fires right up. She looks at it for a few minutes and hands it back to me. All set.


What??? Why don't we unplug it, turn it off, and see if it will fire up. Same thing. Won't turn on. "Oh..."


The only way to turn my current phone on is to have it plugged in like a jumpstart...


ANOTHER CPO on the way for Thursday. When is it too much??? I don't have three hours a day to spend at VZW. I pay $225 a month to them and I paid $200 for this phone 7 months ago. The rep assured me that if this next phone is a problem that I should come back to her and we will find some alternatives. Its almost so much that I am wondering what my ETF is currently.... or possibly if I can get a decent phone at a decent price on eBay....

Re: 4th replacement in a month just ordered

Well at least your rep said they would maybe replace it with a different phone. The rep I spoke with essentially told me that for the next year or so I am stuck with this phone. (Till the warranty is up) I will be forced to not be able to use it's data connection. (Thus making it useless) and I'd have to wait till I was ready for an upgrade or just buy a new phone at full retail price.


Hopefully this replacement I get fixes it. If not, well, I apoligize in advance.

Re: 4th replacement in a month just ordered
Verizon Employee

Hi TimSnyder,


I understand your frustration. Hopefully your issues are resolved with your new replacement.  Please let me know if you require any additional assistance.





Thank you for being a valued Verizon Wireless customer,



Re: 4th replacement in a month just ordered