5.1.1 on AT&T Note 4.
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First it was Sprint. Now it's AT&T. Who's next? I'll bet it's not Verizon. This was Samsung's Flagship last year. Why are we waiting Verizon? Ever since 5.0.1 my battery performance has been terrible. I charge my phone twice or more each day. That wasn't so when I hat Kitkat. Never had battery issues then. All I hear from Verizon is that they are at the mercy of Samsung with this update. I don't buy that. I realize you have to do your testing before you put it out but 6.0 Marshmallow is coming out for the Note 4 in late 2015 but I'm sure Verizon customers won't see that on their Note 4 until late 2016. By then I'll probably have the Note 6. Not everyone can afford to replace their phone every year Verizon. Some of us have to use your 2 year Edge program to pay their phone off until they can upgrade which is why I'm not sporting a Note 5 right now. Why don't you be truthful about this issue and stop saying a master reset will help because it doesn't!

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We always want to make sure you can count on your phone to work the way you need it to. That's incredibly important. We're glad to help. How long does your phone battery usually last? How long was it lasting before the update?

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Verizon, I think you have e blatantly missed the point Jersey3's post (not to mention the frustration of several customers, myself included). While battery issues are one of the noticeable issues that have been a pain point since upgrading from KitKat, it is certainly not the only one. Constant connectivity issues - i probably have to restart my phone at least 10 times a day just to be able to use it, especially when switiching between wifi and mobile network; takes multiple attempts just to make a phone call, are just a couple more to add. You say it is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TO YOU that our phones work the way we need it to and when we need it to, yet you fail to fix the issue. And Master Resets DON'T WORK (as i have tried twice now) and just add more frustration as we have to go through the hassle of setting the phones back up to each of our personal preferences again.

Mind you, these sorts of issues NEVER existed while we were still on KitKat. The Note 4 on Verizon was the near perfect match as I did not experience a single issue. As Jersey3 mentioned, this was Samsung's flagship, and it is almost shameful that as Verizon customers we have to wait so long for a true resolution to the problem. I have been an avid  and loyal Verizon customer for 10 years, and Verizon's position and commitment to resolving our frustration is simply disheartening.

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I agree with the fact that the point is constantly missed. Ever since the push beyond KitKat this amazing device has become nothing more than a paper weight, yet it is always addressed from "support" that it is a device issue. Simple logic of device works+ device gets update= device no longer works as it used to, yet logic is always ignored.ost

Even in the simple post asking "Why are we still waiting?" the reply is (paraphrasing) "lets talk about this battery issue". Really, that is the response that is given while blatantly dodging a simple question? This is appalling as this as well as many known issues impacts users yet the real issue is always met with a blind eye.  

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Agreed with everyone here - Verizon, it's been nothing but dodges on a time table of when we may possibly be getting an update that 2 carriers are already in the process of getting/have already received.

I know that sometimes the answers you give customers is limited to no fault of yours, as your're just doing your job, but constantly ignoring the real question, saying that Verizon still is waiting on Samsung, etc, has gotten old. It very clearly is no longer on Samsung, and for a network as large as Verizon to still be behind the others is infuriating to people who have issues with their phones that they paid good money for. Factory resets and luck can only go so far with an OS version that causes serious issues.

Personally, I have constant heating issues that were not there before 5.0. I've tried factory resets, and every other suggestion that there is out there - the only fix in sight is an update, that was put out there for the sake of fixing these exact issues, but I cannot get it because Verizon isn't concerned with pushing it out for paying customers - see how people would be upset?

So please, no more asking if anyone has tried resetting, or making vague comments on how important it is to Verizon that my device be in working order but actually doing nothing about it - just please answer everyone on when to expect something others already have access to.

When are we getting 5.1.1? It's a simple question to answer.

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Apparently as per their original response, they want us to take it to twitter, maybe we should start a shame campaign and start giving them the negative publicity they deserve.