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Marshmallow build exists. And no 5.1.1, you really must hate us at this point. Is this a consumer hate psychology test? Why do I want an iPhone now?

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Its because they have fallen behind and could care less. CS replies are all the same filth of "we want to keep you", "what issues are you having", "you should do a reset" and are beyond insulting at this point. Countless dollars of customers are sitting in their pockets and they play dumb. I mean if CS really was concerned about their customers they would answer the questions being asked, mainly when we are getting the updates that will fix the issues their forced update caused. Samsung and Google have all confirmed that the build has been in the hands of Verizon for some time yet still big red plays dumb.

All I can say is way to go Verizon. There is never a better way to push customers out the door than playing ignorant, dodging simple questions, and basically displaying an arrogance in regards to KNOWN ISSUES!