5G Usage

I had the Note 9 and asked if I could get the 5 G on it, they told me my phone was outdated. So, I went back and forth finally bought the S1ultra for an un godly price, any way I called back and asked again where do I turn on this 5G, was told I had to buy it and add it to my plan. Now I'm steaming, I have been with Verizon since it used to be Frontier, But T Mobile has it added for free, I think. Any ideas? I hate the thought of going elsewhere. 

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Re: 5G Usage
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Hello, and thanks for reaching out to us! The last way we want you to feel is frustrated. I'm sure I can clarify the details about 5G and the pricing. I assure you that the 5G is built in to our plans, and there is no additional cost to have it. You may or may not see 5G on your display, due to your location. What zip code are you in? Has your new phone ever shown 5G?