5G connection disappeared/inconsistent
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I've had a 5G connection at home until last night. Last night and this morning, 4G is what is displayed on my phone.

Checking Verizon's coverage map, I live in a 5G area and my settings and phone plan plan have not changed. 

Chatting with Verizon, they said that the technology is new and that it will stabilize soon as they improve services. Doing some research online, the Verizon sites say that my phone may revert to 4G during times of heavy usage/congestion on Verizon's networks. Do you know when the 5G connection will become more consistent?

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Re: 5G connection disappeared/inconsistent
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Same with me. I had it for a day or two and now back to 4g. It is a little spotty in my area but the places I'm supposed to have and did before I no longer do.