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A plea for sanity

Hello vzw!

I have a few gripes with the poor Android offerings on Big Red. First of all, why do they all have to be DROID phones? Why can't we have some PURE android devices? Why does "VERIZON" have to be permanently plastered all over the front of every single android device you offer? Why do you guys put so much BLOAT WARE on my phones?

I love Google, and I love Android. I however do NOT love how Verizon uses nearly every device as a poster board for its network with the crappy UI skins, bloatware Backup Assistant, etc, etc, etc,. Why can us Android enthusiasts not have a couple of AOSP Vanilla Devices to choose from? I realize that Big Red is not on good terms with google. I realize that you don't give a crap about the end user experience on your android devices. I realize most consumers don't know the difference between a DROID device and a ANDROID device.

What I don't understand is why you won't LISTEN to us.

By not playing nice with Google, and attempting to control every single Android device that comes down the pipe to the very last line of code you are RUINING the end user experience on the Android devices offered on your network.

I am humbly asking that somebody up top is listening with something besides their wallet here.

When you mess with Android to the extent that Verizon does you destroy any chance of consistency among your devices.

For example:

If I go and pick up a DROID HD I should get the same OS, the same camera application, and the same appearance that I do when I pick up a GNEX.

I should not be assaulted with VZW Backup Assistant, Verizon Video, My Verizon, and all this other malware running my battery down, and making using my phone for every day use a pain in the butt.

Verizon is not giving its customers an option for what Google intended with the Android operating system.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition = REJECTED.

Galaxy Nexus = Kicked out of the house.

Do you see the pattern here?

Verizon HATES Nexus devices because it can't control them to the nth degree.

Verizon could care less about Android, and the only reason it carries Android devices is to make money via plastering malware, bloatware, and UI skins all over them to sell their network, and their useless overpriced services like BUA.

I have been silent, hoping for another Nexus phone to come to big red.

>> Comments deleted.  Discussions concerning rooting, jailbreaking, hacking, etc., are strictly prohibited on this forum <<

I should be able to pick up a GNEX and get the same user experience as I do when I pick up a RAZR, or a GS4, or a CAPTIVATE.

Please stop blocking Nexus devices from coming to your network! Give us an option for the original Google Android. Give us a couple of AOSP offerings!



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Re: A plea for sanity
Sr. Member

If you are blowing off steam here that is one thing but if you are trying to get through to the people who make marketing decisions you are in the wrong place.  This is a peer to peer forum customers helping customers and as you can see above the VZW Moderator has been here and deleted part of your post because you violated TOS.  You will need to talk with or email VZW Corporate people.  I don't think it is VZW blocking NEXUS devices from its network.  I would think it is more like Google don't want anything to do with VZW because of the way they update the devices.  VZW has a very poor schedule for updating devices and from what I have seen even worse at updating the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  You may see NEXUS again on VZW when they can offer pure LTE phones without the CDMA.  VZW listens best when you vote with your wallet but even then it may only be a few disgruntled customers?

Re: A plea for sanity
Not applicable

No one form Verizon reads these boards. This is customer to customer forum. Even if they did they are not going to listen to your plea. You think you right something on a messageboard and Verizon is suddenly gong to say "Hey we've thought about it that way. We've been so unfair to customers. let's totally change the way we do things". Do you honestly think it was going to work like that?

Verizon has their reason they don't allow these devices and frankly they don't need to explain why. It's their company. Your choice as a consumer is to go with another carrier that will give you the devices you want if you find Verizon's offering unsatisfactory. Or you can stay here and wait for a change that won't occur for years if ever.

Re: A plea for sanity
Sr. Member

Unfortunately at my house in a remote area of NM VZW is the only reliable service without having a landline telephone.  I wish it was that easy as just choosing another carrier but it is not for me.  The OP needs to contact the marketing people at VZW I would say to contact this lady she may be of more help to OP endeavor.  He may just found this as a place to blow off steam and vent his frustration here.  There are many people here that seem very upset over some of these phones.  I am not really I have an S3 with 32gb which serves me just fine and right now I can still find them on Ebay and a few other places should this one break.  VZW also now sells the MOTO phone with 32gb which I could buy.  So I am really not that upset with it.  I would like to have an S4 but only with 32gb or more internal memory.  You are correct in what you are saying to the OP though but you see many post like this one here.

Re: A plea for sanity
Not applicable

You say Verizon should do this and that.  No.  Verizon should do what ever their management chooses to do.  We, as customers, can buy what they are selling or not.  If you want to manage Verizon's product offering, send them your resume and see if you can get a job in marketing or product development.