Absolutely fed up
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I have had my Note 3 since Christmas and it has been fine with no physical damage or anything since I have always had an otterbox on it.  I update to KitKat this previous saturday and it falls apart.  It does not receive notifications anymore.  It does not receive text messages unless I turn it off/on again.  It is stuck in an endless "sending" animation and I am never informed if it sends the message or not.  It is very slow and laggy.  The battery life is about 4 hours now if I am lucky and that is without using it.  I have cleared its cache, put it in safe mode, removed and reinserted the battery.  I have tried everything I could think of and have lost my patience.  Every day it seems to get a new problem.  I wish I had just gotten an iPhone originally.  What is recommended that I do?

Re: Absolutely fed up
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You may have to do a factory reset. Be sure to back up any files you want to keep before doing so. I was fortunate that KitKat updated without a problem and my Note 3 runs smoothly and faster than before, but for some there are issues (battery drain, lagging, and performance), which most have been resolved by doing the factory reset.