Accessory refund

When will i recieve my accessory refund?  When I call customer service I get a different story everytime from soon, in a few more cycles or call samsung.  What the heck. What is the story. i call samsung they tell me to call verizon. I talk to verizon and they say that i already got them, but I didnt i got a 200.00 credit for staying with samsung phones. I am so upset -- If i would have stayed with my previous cell carrier I would be done with all this.  I want the refund for 4 glass protectors and the three cases I bought. I have been so patient and still havent gotten anything.

I am so over this.

Re: Accessory refund
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If CS is saying the refund for the accessories was applied, ask specifically on which bill so you can check.

It also depends upon where you got the accessories.  The credit for the accessories will only be applied to the bill if you got them at a Verizon location.  Third party purchased accessories are not credited to the bill; they would have to be returned to those vendors.

Re: Accessory refund
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I just got my refund yesterday and had sent everything back in October just so you know