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I recently purchased 3 new phones.  I have had all sorts of problems.  The new line of service I was given 4 different phone numbers which still to this day I'm being billed for 2 new lines of service.

The other two new phone purchases were trade in and upgrades.  I was told if I traded my phones that I would get a 800 dollar credit for each phone I traded in.  I sent both phones in the envelope provided and was sent an email that the phones were received.  Only one phone has been looked at, unsure where other phone is at this point.  Have UPS tracking numbers to verify.

My account has been messed up since the receipt of the second new phone.  There were credits on the one trade in but it's been taken off now.  The other trade in is just showing 3.33 discount instead of 26.66.  Both trade is were suppose to receive 800 promotion equally to 26.66.  

I was also suppose to be changed to unlimited effective Jan 7, but still on 8 gb data plan.  I changed my plan along with the trade ins to qualify for the promotion.

I have spent numerous hours and days in the phone speaking to customer service reps and supervisors.  Still my account is a mess.

I am also disabled and would have never traded in my phones if I was going to get stuck paying a 300 dollar bill each month.  The sakes rep said my bill would be 209.14 before taxes. She also made notes on my account upon purchasing the phones.  I've been given a work ticket and told last a promo correction follow up application and credit research was being done.  I have also reached out to Better Business Bureau for help and was sent an email from executive relations person name Liam.  Haven't heard anything sense that email said he was looking into things.

I need help and these problems resolved.


Thanks so much 


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Customer Service Rep

We always want to make sure all  your concerns are resolved, rlbibow! I know how important it is to make sure you're getting your promotions and your plan is correct. So we can continue, I'll also send you a Private Note.