Activating an existing phone.
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Hello, I just upgraded from an S7 to an S20+.  My husband has an old S4 and I'm trying to transfer his existing line from the S4 to the S7 that was mine.  I went to My Verizon and followed the instructions I found under "My Account."  I entered all requested information, but when I clicked "Confirm Changes," it gives me the message "Your Device Change request failed and cannot be completed online. Please contact customer service at 1.800.922.0204."  I've been on hold for 30 minutes at this number, waiting for a real person.  It shouldn't be this difficult to activate a phone that was just connected to Verizon this morning.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them!


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Re: Activating an existing phone.
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It is ridiculous that we can't switch our service when we pay thousands for phones and hundreds monthly and this is the service we get. I uys bought a $1400 S20 today and having the exact same issue. It shows it is switched on mya ccount but the phone is still not working. I was on the phone forever with someone and she said it was fixed but it's not and now they are closed and the 24/7 support isn't working. Great service Verizon! Good luck on your problem. 

Re: Activating an existing phone.
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We're sorry to read that you're having issues with your new device, and we're here to help. What kind of signal is the device showing?