Activation Incomplete
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It is ridiculous that we can't switch our service when we pay thousands for phones and hundreds monthly and this is the service we get. I just bought a $1400 S20 today and having the exact same issue. It shows it is switched on my account but the phone is still not working. Setup Wizard is showing an activation incomplete please contact customer service message. That was a joke. She was zero help I was on the phone forever with someone and she said it was fixed but it's not and now they are closed and the 24/7 support isn't working. Great service Verizon!

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Re: Activation Incomplete
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Hello there. We're terribly sorry for the whole ordeal. This is not how we want to start our relationship. Please allow us to help you get this taken care of. Please reply to our private note. 



Re: Activation Incomplete
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My S20 was activated about 5 minutes from swapping the sim card of my old LG. You could try that.

Something else before you do is make sure both phones are turned off. Turn only the new one on. Have wifi turned off and make sure you're in a good coverage area. If this doesn't work within 5 minutes, go to settings - general management - reset - reset network settings -- reboot phone then wait another 5 minutes.