Add my verizon number to my ATT line
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Strange question, 


Is there a way to have both my personal Verizon number and my business Att number on the same phone? 


The phone from work is from ATT and my persional is with verizon. I want to carry 1 phone instead of two. Someone said that there was an APP I can install from verizon that would allow me to make and receive calls (kinda like google voice) on my device but I cannot verify that. 


Its a Note 10 + so it does not have dual sim cards. 

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Re: Add my verizon number to my ATT line
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Hi Nixxon,


I can certainly see where having only one phone would be beneficial. The only way that we would be able to do this is with a Dual SIM option. We wouldn't know of any app that is available to do this. I do apologize for any inconvenience. We can always look into upgrading your Note 10+ to a Dual SIM capable device, let us know if you want to proceed with that.