After Each OS update, my battery life gets 25% worse S9

I am beginning to really resent Verizon for all of the latest OS updates to my S9 phone. 

Two months ago I could go 2 full days (48 hours) between charging.  Now two updates later and no other changes to my phone it is lucky to make it 24.   the day after each upgrade the life drops exponentially.   

I'm a licensed professional Electrical & Controls engineer.   I'm not buying the standard line that it's just old and I need to get a new device...   HORSE HOCKEY!!!!

There is a software version of a fidget spinner in the OS upgrade that is draining my battery.   Unsurprisingly my contract will be up this spring so way to get ahead of the game Verizon and make me believe my phone needs to be replaced...  good marketing, especially since marketing is cooperating with engineering. 

I'm done with Verizon, can't even chat with a person it's A.I. and no email.   The only person to person option to voice my displeasure is via phone.   I can't afford to throw 3 hours of my life down a rat-hole for this.  

My next phone will be from eBay and not under the thumb of Verizon's dictatorial software update plan.

Thanks for all the fish.


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Re: After Each OS update, my battery life gets 25% worse S9
Customer Service Rep

We are very sad to hear that your phone's battery life is not as good as it was before, and to hear what you think of us. We are here to help.


Please be aware that we do not create or manage the software or OS of your phone. We only facilitate the delivery of the software updates to your phone from Samsung and Google. It is true that new software updates and changes can affect the battery usage of any phone, but that is due to changes on how the manufacturer and Google has your phone operate.


There is not software update that would cause your phone to not work as well as it did before, however if apps and software need more resources from your phone, then it can affect the performance. Hearing that your phone is still getting 24 hours of battery life, points to more resources draining your battery and not a problem with the battery itself. 


Have you reviewed on your phone what is using most of the battery life of your phone? You can see this by going to Settings, tap Device Care, finally tap Battery and scroll down. There your phone will show you what is using most of your phone's battery life.


If most of the usage is from System apps from Samsung, Google and Chrome, then factory resetting your phone may be needed. This is because Systems apps using more of the battery is not common and can indicate a software issue, where the factory reset would be needed to fix. You would want to ensure your personal information is completely backed up before doing this though.