Alarm Issue

I got the Nexus the day it went on sale. I use the alarm to wake up in the morning. 3 times already when the alarm goes off, the whole UI (screen and buttons) were unresponsive and I had to pull the battery. Has anyone had this as well and is there a fix? thanks in advance.

Re: Alarm Issue

Same issue, alarm will not turn off.  If you miss the Dismiss button on the screen it disappears and there is no other way to shut off except waiting for it to stop - changed my settings to that this happens after 5 mins.  Have also tried the setting that turns off alarm using side button but that does not work.  Help!

Re: Alarm Issue
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Hello Jharris204 & Dianek!

I couldn't imagine not being able to turn off my alarm! It's a nice function of any phone, but we need it to work correctly.

I triple checked my resources and I didn't see any other recorded customer responses for this specific issue.  I did however see one recorded response regarding the screen going dark randomly and not being able to get it to come back from "sleep" mode.

Do you have any Third Party applications such as Task Killers, Battery Savers, or Antiviruses? If so I would recommend removing them. 

Sometimes uninstalling these app types isn't enough and a reset is needed.  Please ensure all of your personal information is backed up and that you recall your gmail username and password.

Please follow these steps to perform a Hard Reset of your phone:

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