Almost no cellular data connection for a month
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I've been having issues with my cellular data for almost a month, my phone rarely has cellular data connection in areas it used to have connection all the time. I have to rely on wifi and even with a strong wifi connection the service is lagging. I've restarted my phone many times and I've done the airplane mode trick, once in awhile that will give me service for 2 minutes before I have 0 bars again. I've spoken to Verizon several times, they've suggested a sim card swap, which did nothing, and I reset the connection settings on my device which also did nothing. The reps in store shrug it off as of this is a normal problem and told me to go to best buy. Best buy tells me to go to Verizon since it's a service issue. Definitely fed up of being walked in circles. Has anyone had similar issues and find a solution?

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Liv122, having you ping pong back and forth is not what I want to see happen. We definitely need to see what's going on with that data connection, and why you're having trouble. I'd be happy to do that. I've sent a Private Note, so we can get more details and work on this together.


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Um there are several of us with this issue.   How is Verizon handling it 2 months later?