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An Open Letter to VZW Regading the Fascinate Debacle

To Whom It May Concern:


My wife and I have been faithful,long term Verizon customers utilizing most services that Verizon provides: wireless,DSL,and land line.  We decided to go the smart-phone route last year in September and took advantage of the BOGO offer that was being pushed on the Samsung Fascinate.  We were exceedingly happy with this phone.  However, in February of 2011 my phone became inoperable and was replaced with a CLNR.  We both waited patiently for the Froyo update to be available;that occurred ,I believe in May, and that was when our problems with the phone started becoming more prevalent!  Sporadic missed calls and texts,random reboots,screen freezes, and failure to install downloaded apps to name just a few.  ED04 was supposed to fix these issues, but proved to be an accelerant to the aforementioned problems.

I tend to follow the technical aspects of my electronic equipment faithfully on various forums (including VZW's).  I learned that we were not alone in these issues and contacted VZW customer service tech Kate on 07/21/11 in regards to my Fascinate problems.  We went through all the recommended troubleshooting on the phone and she concurred that I was eligible for a replacement (my choice of DINC2,X2,or Charge).  I opted for the Charge and she said I would have to go to a Corporate store and have them process the order as she could not. My wife subsequently contacted Tech support and was deemed eligible as well.  The ensuing few days were busy for my wife and I, so we went to our local Corporate store in Dedham,MA on 07/24/11.  We presented ourselves to the CSR and explained that we were already approved for the Charge as our replacements. We spent the next three hours in the store trying to obtain what we had been cleared for to no avail!!!  Needless to say I was very upset and chose to leave the store, stating that I would take this matter to the next level.  While driving home I was contacted by Christopher Stevens(sic), a supervisor from the Rochester,NY service center.  He was very polite and professional.  He said that the Charge was out stock at the moment,but that he would see to it that our request for the Charges were fulfilled!  We were content with that.  He went on to say that he would be off on Monday and Tuesday (also saying that a shipment of Charges was expected on Tuesday), but that he would work everything out Wednesday (0727/11) and have them to us by Friday.  I was told to also expect a call from him with tracking numbers for the phones once they had shipped.

I waited patiently for his call, even left him a message.  I received a call at 2:48 PM Friday July 29 from Chris stating that they were in stock but that he couldn't order them on his end and that once again we needed to go to the corporate store.  We did this and yet again we were stonewalled!!!  Our tech was Orlando( very nice and professional),who went to the back area of the store to speak with the manager;he in turn spoke with Chris Stevens(sic) in regards to our phones.  Again we were offered everything but the Charge!!  The manager didn't even come out to speak with me!  Orlando informed me that Chris needed to speak with his assistant director(Amy) and that Chris would contact me today(07/30/11) regarding this matter.  We left the store at about 8:10PM.  I didn't hear from Chris this AM,so I left a message on his phone(585-xxx-69xx) at 1:04PM to see where my wife and I stood.  He called me back at 3:32PM,but I could not answer the call because my phone froze up on me,Twice!!  I finally got to speak with him at 3:43PM and the news was not what I was expecting!  We were left holding the bag on what should have been a smooth transaction; I fully expected to receive two new Charges for my wife and I.  Instead the only thing we got was an offer for two CLNR Fascinates or DINC2's and to try the ED05 update (which was done already AND does not fix our issues) if we didn't want the offered equipment.  This kind of service is abhorrent!!!  This morning my phone refused to even turn on.  I performed two soft resets, and finally got the phone on.  I'm truly disgusted by all this!!





An Extremely Angry Pole

Re: An Open Letter to VZW Regading the Fascinate Debacle

I'm very sorry to hear about your unplesant experience. 


IMHO, you went to the "wrong" Verizon store....  did you try going to a different store?

(assuming there's another one within driving distance)


Here is another post about the same issue... except the results are the complete opposite

of what happened to you: 



Quote from the post:


"The VZW store that i went to was very nice and knew immediately what to do.  I was in

and out within minutes. The phone arrived via FedEX and it was a BRAND NEW phone

in retail box.   Again, this may vary.... others on this forum have reported getting 

certified like-new phones.     I had to go back to the store because VZW forgot to include

the 4G SIM card which is required for 4G phones.   The manager gave me a SIM card

and activated it for me.   She said that most of the customers who exchanged Fascinate

for the Droid Charge have been getting new phones in the last few weeks.... the reason

is that VZW doesn't have that many pre-owned Droid Charge phones. That's not surprising

because the Droid Charge has been out only a couple of months.


VZW only guarantees that you will get a cerfitied like-new replacement Samsung Droid Charge.

It should be as good as new. If not, VZW should have no problem exchanging it for another

until you're happy.   I personally would not have minded if they sent me a like-new unit.

Makes no real difference to me.  IMHO, getting a brand-new phone in retail box was just a

just a nice bonus. 


My Droid Charge has been working great and I am very grateful for all the information that

other VZW customers and employees have posted on this forum."

Re: An Open Letter to VZW Regading the Fascinate Debacle

I thought that I was the only one having this problem. I was told that the Charge was an option, tried to get it but was sent TWO fascinates instead. I was told that since I didn't have a previous 4G phone, then I couldn't get a Charge. I am switching providers because this is disgusting.

Re: An Open Letter to VZW Regading the Fascinate Debacle
Contributor - Level 2

When you switch providers make sure to not get samsung phones, since they are on EVERY carrier.


So when you called Samsung to let them know you would no longer be purchasing their products what did they say?