Android 9.0 note 8
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Has anyone heard when note 8 will get android. 9.0 aka android p because at&t and sprint is rolling it out for their customers 

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Re: Android 9.0 note 8
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Hello, cldogr310. Being able to have the newest Android operating system on your phone is definitely exciting, and we can certainly assist you with your doubts. We are currently waiting on Samsung for the release of the update on our network. The release date does depend on the manufacturer once they have completed the testing with our devices. You can contact Samsung at if you wish to have more information. Also, here is a link for the Samsung software that will get updated once we have more details: VianeyP_VZW

Re: Android 9.0 note 8
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Samsung gave all the carriers in the US the release weeks ago, including Verizon. Don't be putting the blame on Samsung. As you can see the other carriers have been rolling it out.

Canada is rolling it out today on all of it's carriers.

We all know that the Android 9.0 is working on Verizon's network because the new S10 and the S9's have had it and it's running fine.

Verizon takes the software and goes through it removing things that Samsung provides for free, such as Smart Call, Samsung Cloud, etc. just so they can charge extra for these services. Shameful if you ask me.

So now you know why it's taking longer for these updates to come out.

Verizon will deny that they do this, but trust me they do.