Android.Core.Apps becomes unresponsive when a notification is played - No help from Verizon Tech Support
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Good Evening,

I am tired of being told that someone will get back to me on this issue (both by Samsung and Verizon).  Ive spoken with at lesat 8 techs over that last 3 weeks and no one is able to resolve the issue.  At this time when I call there must be a note that tells who ever answers, to tell me that a manager/supervisor will call me back.

This is my 5th SGN and as much as im devoted to this phone, im really regretting staying with Verizon.  When ever I my phone plays a notification this above mentioned process crashes and it gives me the options of waiting or killing it.  When I kill it the phone basically reboots (google word comes up and flashing colored boot screen displays).  I have factory reset several times and right now I am still on a factory reset from a few days ago (last time i called verizon).  I havent installed any apps, no email setup.  So basically my smart phone right now is a dumb phone

I have direct emails to 2 techs but now they are not responding at all, I cant seem to get any help from anyone at verizon tech or management.

The reason for this post is I hoping someone else may have had this issue and if not I hope someone from Verizon will see this and help some how.


Re: Android.Core.Apps becomes unresponsive when a notification is played
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pfs78, this clearly is not the way a phone is designed to work! I apologize for the trouble. Can you tell me what software version you are running on the phone? Is the phone up to date? Have you ever ran the phone is safe mode and retested? If not, try this: . Please keep me posted.^SP