Android international text and calling

I have Travel Pass active on my device, but I do not know how to set my phone to make and accept texts and calls in Mexico next week. Also, whenever i go to Sweden, my phone wifi works, but i cannot get or make calls.  i need to figure out how to set the phone up for this trip to Sweden in May. But i do not want it on roaming when in the US in between international trips

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Re: Android international text and calling
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Thank you so much for reaching out to us, Jillylbean12. Sounds like some nice travels are coming up for you. First, if you have roaming on while in the United States that would not impact your cellular service at all. There would be no additional fees while in the United States and your roaming is turned on.


Before leaving the United Stated, we would recommend turning on roaming on the device. That would allow you to be able to use the cellular network that is offered in Mexico and Sweden. To make a phone call while in Mexico and Sweden, you would need to Dial Plus (+) Sign then 1 then ten-digit United States number. 


You can always check out this link for more details