Another FedEx missing phone

I have been searching for missing shipments and this lead me here.  I ordered a new phone that was to be delivered a week ago.  I started contacting Verizon as soon as the date kept being pushed to the next day for delivery.  I was told to contact FedEx which I did and was given four stories in three days as to why it hadn't come.  On the last day I contacted them I was told it was many states away, while it was showing in a local hub just Delayed.  While I was on the phone with them being told this I received a email saying it was delivered to my house and signed by someone else.  I live in a single house with my wife mind you.  Verizon has started a case and so has FedEx because of the issues but my question is since it shows delivered and signed for, by a name not on the package, will Verizon take care of the missing phone? 

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Re: Another FedEx missing phone
Customer Service Rep

tumper93, allow us to start by apologizing that\you have had to go through all of this. This is never the kind of experience we would want for you. In regard to your order, it sounds like you have taken the correct steps and that cases have been filed with both us (Verizon) as well as FedEx. Once the case is closed with us, you will be able to re-place your order. It may just take a little time because the warehouse will need to cancel out the order and change back any upgrade dates/ cancel any device payments that had been set up. We appreciate your patience.