Another Verizon Bait-and-Switch
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I signed up with Verizon at the end of June, and I have been less than impressed.

On June 25th, I submitted an order for two Samsung S21 Ultras. This order had a $1000 BOGO promotion and two $800 trade-in promotions. The system gave me no trouble filing this order. 

On the 29th, the order hadn't updated at all. I called Verizon and was told that the order had just vanished. The ordering system pretty much choked on it and died somewhere. However, my two trade-in requests were still there, and because the original order had self-destructed they couldn't be properly canceled.

I was able to resubmit an order on the 29th, again using the $1000 BOGO promotion and two $800 trade-ins. Nowhere in the ordering process did the system tell me this was prohibited, and I have the receipt in my email showing both promotions.

It took Verizon a month to receive and process my trade-ins. The first trade-in was properly processed for an $800 credit. However, because the remnants of the original trade-in requests were still haunting the system, the second trade-in was credited to an account that doesn't exist and never ordered any phones. The trade-in states it was valued at $60 dollars due to "better promotion found". I could have sold the phone for $400 on ebay, without even bothering with any trade-ins.

Customer service won't even try to help me resolve the issue, and just keeps telling me "these promotions can't stack anyway". I filled this order TWICE, using both promotions, and have the accompanying receipts showing no issue. At this point Verizon has basically promised me the promotion, failed to deliver, and stolen my phone on top of it.

If you have a system that is letting people use these promotions, you need to terrible it up, honor them, and fix your system, instead of saying "lol thanks for the free phone!" once you have their phone in custody. 

I've seen a lot of complaints in this community about Verizon's trade-in process. At what point are Verizon customers who have been scammed like this going to band together and file a class action lawsuit?

I'll be filing a fraud complaint with the FTC after I've called an actual person and gotten the runaround again. 

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Re: Another Verizon Bait-and-Switch
Customer Service Rep

laferri2, we are thrilled to have you as a member of the Verizon family and apologize for the experience you've endured. The BOGO get up to $1,000 toward a second smartphone on device payment with select Unlimited plans and the trade-in offers are of great value. These promotions are separate promotions that are not stackable. Each of the promotions we offer has specific requirements. If the requirements are not met the promotion does not apply. It concerns us that you did not receive the full amount of the second device you traded in and we want to fix this. We sent you a Private Note. Please reply at your earliest convenience. JacobG_VZW