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Another thing about the fascinate

I work for third party retailor with Verizon and several other carriers, and when I went into the corp store that is right down the road from where I live I was talked down to and my problems were kinda brushed under the carpet as if it didnt matter.  I tried to explain to the rep that I was having said issues that we have all had and was basically told to suck it up buttercup the update will be out in a few days.  This kinda irritated me because I have heard of nothing but complaints of this store so when I went there I wasnt expecting stellar service but at least a attempt to try to help me out since I had purchased my fasicnate from this store last september.  This is seriously making me consider other options in my cell service because not only did this make feel like a unimportant customer, but like I was causing a issue of inconvience to the reps there.  I understand that you dont really wanna deal with all the customers coming in to talk to you about problems with your phones, but come on I deal with similar things everyday and I try to do my best with it.  I just dont know but there needs to be a change of staff in this store in order for me to go back into it, that means I am willing to drive 30 miles to another verizon store to do anything.


Even the update hasn't fixed my issues with the phone.  It still overheats, Texts dont come through, calls dont always make it to me, Apps dont always install, and I take screenshots when I hit the power button, and this is after updating and a factory reset.  Hopefully I will be able to get some of these issues fixed because overall i like the fascinate but the issues it has makes me seriously reconsider my contract next april.

Re: Another thing about the fascinate

If you don't want to buy anything stores are complete jerks to you. This is any cell phone company and will vary from store to store but not much.


Also format your sd card.. All the issues you mentioned sound like standard android problems and resetting the software should help

Re: Another thing about the fascinate
Verizon Employee



I am so sorry you had that type of experience in the store!  And you are right, every customer should leave our stores feeling they were heard, understood and valued as a Verizon Wireless customer!


I would be more than happy to assist you!  If you would like, please reply to the message I will send you with the requested information.