Any replacement apps for Photo Notes?
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Hello!  I love the new S7 and Marshmallow, but for a few snags.  I previously used an S4 and made extensive use of Photo Notes (type or write notes on the back of each photo - a nice feature!)  It is now missing from my S7 / Marshmallow.  Any suggestions for a replacement app?  I've tried to find some but they are either overly complex or want access to everything - not needed.  What do *you* do?  Related - how do I preserve the notes I've taken on my photos?  They transferred to the new phone, but without notes, of course.  Sadness!

Re: Any replacement apps for Photo Notes?
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Congratulations on your new Galaxy S7, suzbwise. Unfortunately the Photo Notes option is no longer available. Since this is no longer an option, the notes would not be viewable with your current device. With any third party apps, it is best to read through reviews from users with your device to gain a better understanding if the app will meet your needs.


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