Anyone else have problems with Edge camera focus?
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OK, I am on my 2nd Edge - first one had an overheating error and shut down, even though the phone wasn't hot.  Got that replaced last Thursday after 1 week of use, now my replacement Edge's camera won't focus right.  I turn on the camera and it can take anywhere from 15-30 seconds of pointing it, turning and moving it before the image finally comes into focus. I downloaded the latest software update last night and that didn't help so ordered ANOTHER replacement Edge from Verizon today.  So far, this phone seems like a total dud but maybe I'm just having some really bad luck!

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Oh no, I am sorry to hear your phone isn't allowing you to use that amazing camera. I am happy to hear your phone replacement is on its way, please keep us posted on this. We are here to help.

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