Anyone else still waiting on their pre-ordered S23 Ultra? Now in backorder status....
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Pre-rrdered two S23 ultras (black and cream); site said they'd be delivered on the 17th. It's now the 27th and no phones and Verizon can't give me any idea of when they'll be delivered. They don't even show up in my Orders, only the associated trade-in; I have to connect through chat to get any confirmation of the order.

Super frustrating as my local store had both phones in stock on the 17th but Verizon won't switch my order to local pickup. Cancelling the pre-order and placing a new order would mean I'd lose the 512gb for same price as 256gb promotion I got for pre-ordering.

Anyone else still waiting for a pre-order that is now Backordered? if so, have you been able to get any delivery estimate out of Verizon?

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I have also had this problem! I am a Verizon customer and pre-ordered an Ultra 512 GB  from Samsung's site on 02/04. I have not been able to get any updates on shipping.

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We know it's important to get an update on your order, Jacquelinesmi. We are happy to check the status of it. Please send us a Private Note, so we can assist.