App Shortcuts not working on Main Screen
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Each time I turn my phone on, my short cut apps are sort of greyed out and it takes sometimes several turn off the phone and turn it back on before they are enabled. When you click it says app is not installed and for some reason it seems as though is not installed. This seems to occur when I am updating apps, my phone goes haywire. Anyhelp in this matter will be appreciated. I usually remove the battery when this happens and hold down the vol button for 1 minute.
Re: App Shortcuts not working on Main Screen
Verizon Employee

Hello !


I know its important to be able to access applications right from your home screen at any given time.  I would like to assist.


First, I suggest you remove the applications from the home screen.  Then you can re-add the items back to the home screen.  This will resolve the issue you're having with the app shortcuts.


I trust I have answered your question, and have addressed your concern.