App manager installed games
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I installed the latest update for Samsung Ultra 23.  Four dreadful, horrible and insulting  games that took up a ton of space on MY phone were downloaded without permission.  I have previously disabled Verizon App Manager.  Lo and behold, Verizon re-enabled their app manager and again downloaded games. GAMES!

Where does Verizon get off downloading unwanted junky games onto my phone? I paid for the phone and I pay for the service? If y'all want to put useless junk on my phone, I should receive a free phone with free service. 

BTW, my gmail locked up and was unusable. Do you guys test or are we your personal debuggers? I spent 42 years designing, developing and testing software.  I am trying to imagine adding bloatware to employee machines that take up space that should be used for proper applications. This is dishonest and you know it's being done. The payments from game drones must be huge to allow you to insult your user's intelligence. Stop pretending that it shouldn't happen and that you will help to fix it.  Code exists that re-enables the app manager and specifically downloads games without permission. Changing it is easy. I'll do it for $500k and free phones and service in perpetuity. 

Short of that, stop downloading your unadulterated junk to my phone. The only thing that updates should do is fix bugs or add functionality. Games are not functionality. That's why they are called games. Games are optional. 

I am 71 years old. Don't be a game pusher.  It's disrespectful and so undignified.

Stop it!