Apps and folders gone after reboot

After the Sumsung update a week or so ago, all of my app organization went away.  I spent an hour recreating folders and putting the shortcuts I wanted on my home screen.  However, after a reboot, it defaults back to different apps on the home screen and the folders I created are gone.

I am so frustrated!   Help.

Re: Apps and folders gone after reboot
Customer Service Rep

One of the best things about an Android phone is being able to customize it the way you want, ELLSMA25. This is a concern that your home screen resets after each restart of your device. I understand that this started happening after the latest software update, and I can see from a different thread here that it also persists in safe mode. Let’s see if we can work together and get this fixed. What do you see selected if you follow these steps to review power saving mode: Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery? If you see an option selected, what happens if you turn power saving mode off?

What happens if you follow these steps: Settings > Apps/Applications > Application Manager > More (3 dots in the upper right) > Reset App Preferences?


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