Apps not working, Chrome won't open, text messages not showing?!

Everything's been fine until my phone randomly restarted itself. As soon as it came back up I kept getting error messages that various apps had stopped working (most that I hadn't even opened/used in months). I uninstalled them bc the error messages kept popping up even after hitting "force close" each time. Then I received a new text message. The notification/beginning of the message displayed on my screen per usual, but when I went into Messanger+ and tried to open the message it wasn't there and neither were any of my messages from any of my previous conversations. Upon first opening Messanger everything looks normal and displays as usual (shows my conversations/text from the last message on the screen), but when I click on a conversation the person's name/number displays at the top per usual, but no messages show. Then I realized Chrome won't work either. It doesn't even begin to open when I click it. Just pops up "Chrome has stopped working". What the heck! I of course restarted several times, powered off and on, turned wi-fi and mobile data off and on. Reset my settings. Nothing. Smiley Sad Apps like Facebook & Snapchat work fine though.

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That is a lot going on for just one phone! I know it would drive me crazy if I had to go thorough all of the different error messages and powering off and on, not being able to open text messages, etc. The most important thing we need to know first is, what is the make/model of your device? I have provided a link below that is interactive for any device. You can input your information and there is a guided flow of steps you will be able to perform to correct error messages and all the other things you mentioned. If your issues persist, we will help get you to the next level of support:




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