Apps stop working

I have had an s9+ for quite some time without issue. A couple months ago i could no longer send emails woth just data. I had to have wifi. A few days ago I noticed battery draining more quickly, then suddenly yesterday my email would not load. A window comes up saying email stopped working. This also happens when I try to go a google search. "Google has stopped working" If i click a link in my messages or on facebook, it says they have stopped working. I can still go through chrome to get to websites, but something is very wrong.

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Re: Apps stop working
Customer Service Rep

KAB19, we understand the importance of ensuring you have a reliable working phone at all times. Can you please open the Play Store app on your phone< search for Google Chrome< select Update. Once it has been updated, follow these same steps by searching Android System WebView. Once both have been updated, please power the phone off/on and test. Keep us updated. - Michelle