Asurion being a pain
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Asurion is a pain. They make everything super difficult due to legal reasons behind their affidavit. It was MUCH EASIER on the customer when I could just take my phone to the Verizon store. I'm getting the process moving after having my phone broken for months now (Work life, school life, set up appointments for repair only for them not to show up or to tell me that a small crack requires me to replace the entire device, affidavit information not lining up with claim etc...)

It should just be noted to Verizon that the process was MUCH MUCH easier on the consumer when I could just take it to one of your locations on my day off and get everything moving without a middle man.

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Re: Asurion being a pain

And yet plenty get screen repairs or replacements next day.    I'm not a fan of Asurion and refuse to use it, but it works as it should for others.   

Re: Asurion being a pain
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I'm certainly sorry to learn of your experience. We always want to make sure you have the options you need though and we'll be glad to help. Another alternative to consider is a repair. Here is additional information about that option.