Asurion fixing my cracked screen

Asurion is basically trying to strobg arn me into paying the 170 for a device replacement. I just have a cracked screen scheduled my appointment paid my 29 dollar deductible. Had my appointment than i called justbti check on it for the rep to tell me they cancelled my appointment caus ethey dont have a screen for my s9+ and dont know when they will get one. But  i could pay the 170 to get a replacement device. Why have i been paying for insurance all these years. I dont want ti pay 170 i only owe 159 on my payment plan. The funny thing is you can get right back on and schedule an apppintment for the same day amd almost time. Now why if they dont have a screen would they still be making appointments to fix a cracked screen in my area.... they are just trying to strong arm me. Tha the Verizon rep i talked to said well u can use the upgrade and than ill refund you for 3 mnts of the insurance i dont want a new device i jist want my screen fixed. 

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Re: Asurion fixing my cracked screen
Customer Service Rep

Becca_lou81, thank you so much for the details. Being able to get your device fixed from a cracked screen is essential. All claims for repairing any cracked screens or to get the device replaced would be through Asurion. You would need to work with them on finding the best solution to getting the phone repaired. You can always reach Asurion by calling 888-881-2622. KevinR_VZW