Attempting to log in on phone returns "In Valid Credentials"



I am able to log in on my computer just fine, however when I attempt to "log in" on my phone to navigate to view my bill or look at my data usage, I get the message "In Valid Credentials" (not a typo, this is exactly what the app says).


I know my password is correct, because if I intentionally type an incorrect password it returns "The information you entered does not match the information we have on file." It is only when I type the correct information that it tells me the information is "In Valid"

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Re: Attempting to log in on phone returns "In Valid Credentials"

I sure don't know what's causing it, but found a workaround on reddit....if you log OUT of your account (It seems the app has two levels of "login"...the first is where it gives you SOME info, but the second level, for me at least, is where i click on "Settings" or "Plan" in the app, and then even though i AM signed in, it goes a step further and asks for my Touch ID (I'm on an iPhone) always used to work though.  I get the "In Valid Credentials" now. So anyway, all the way at the bottom of the menu is "log out" that, and then there's a special way you log back in. If you see your phone number there when you go to log in,, DO NOT tap it...instead, tap the thing at the bottom that lets you sign in as another user....when you do, there will be a field to put your phone number, and THAT'S where you manually type in your phone number (I know...the same one you skipped tapping the screen before).  This seems to get you in. I do not know why. What's weird is I couldn't find the Touch ID setting switch anywhere in the menu...I could've sworn it was right there before, if you hit Settings. My gut feeling is that Verizon is having some problems/bugs/glitches...b/c as you noted, the pasword may be fine, and even get you into your account if you use Firefox or Chrome to log in...and Touch ID is working fine on my phone for other features....just not the MyVerizon app! If anyone else has any light to shed on this, I'd love to hear it -- thanks.

Re: Attempting to log in on phone returns "In Valid Credentials"
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Hello, being on top of your My Verizon is vital, especially if you are having log in issues. When did the problem start? What recent changes have you made? Aside from the sign in problem, any other issues?