Autopreconfig won't go away.

I have an unlocked S8. I'm normally on Verizon, but I took my phone to Europe with me and used a Vodafone SIM while I was there without issue. I've now come back and plugged my Verizon SIM back in, but I keep seeing "AutoPreconfig: tap here to restart your phone and use your new SIM card". I've restarted multiple times, but the notification always comes back. My actual service seems to be working just fine (I can call and text and use 4G), with the exception that my virtual voicemail app doesn't seem to want to work like it was. I went and got a new SIM card, but the issue persists.

What do I do? Is this a Verizon problem or a Samsung problem?

Like I said, most things seem to be working just fine. This is just very irritating.

Re: Autopreconfig
Customer Service Rep

I want to make sure that you have a working device at all times. When traveling out of the country, foreign sim cards can be damaging to your device. Have you tried to factory reset the device? 

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