Bad Customer Service/Billing Error

Horrible Customer Service today.  Got my bill in and it says it has increased by ~$350, went by a store and they printed out my bill and told me there was nothing they could do and that I would have to call in.  The gentleman at the store was very nice and said it was obviously an error in the billing department.  I guess when I got this plan originally back close to 19 years ago I signed up for 450 regular minutes and have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes.  Well, they decided recently that my mobile to mobile minutes (even though are unlimited) now count towards my 450 minutes and have decided I need to be charged for it.   

The gentleman at the store looked at it said I should have only been charged for maybe 120 minutes over and when I added up my total on the call log I did not get what they had (neither did the guy I talked with over the phone, and he seemed shocked that I had my call log printed out).  Has anyone else had this problem or is the best solution just to go and select a new provider?

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Re: Bad Customer Service/Billing Error
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We want to make sure you are billed correctly and are here to help. I sent a Private Note, please feel free to check and reply. Looking forward to hearing back -ChrisM_VZW

Re: Bad Customer Service/Billing Error
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I've heard of at least one other person with this same issue. If it wasn't a one off, it may be Verizon's attempt to boot people off the old legacy plans.

I'd look at your data usage and see if it's worth keeping that plan around. All of Verizon's plans the past 5+ years have unlimited talk as a standard feature. If you switched carriers, they all do network management now. May be easier switching to a newer unlimited plan.