Bad bad service
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Purchased 2 new s21s at the local Verizon store. At 14 days one of the phones developed a problem. Took it back to store where the rep reset the network which, at the time, fixed things. He says "boy I've not seen this before but if you still have issues bring it back and we will give you a new phone."

  The phone continued acting up and because of "life" my wife couldn't get back to store immediately. When she did go back she was told that it's now 31 days since we purchased it and she couldn't replace it in store. I explained what was said at 14 days. She didn't even hear me.She was the rudest person I have ever dealt with, just nasty to me. She says i would have to go through the deadly process of trying to get it done over the phone.

I walked right out of store and called. The tech repeated my phone number and said if we get cut off I'll call you back. After 42 minutes of him saying I'm gonna put you on hold for 3 to five minutes he hung up.

I called right back and got a gal that seemed to be on my side. She scheduled a call back and said she would call me at straight up 10am this morning. Nope

I called back today and think I have it handled. The rep says we're going to send you a certified, like new, phone. I explained that the initial purchase was for a new phone and they would not send out a new one by policy?? To heck with your policy.

Bottom line is once they get your signature on a contract they no longer give a garbage about customer service. I spent over 3 hours trying to get, what I thought to be, a simple issue resolved and I'm just stuck with Verizon until this contract expires. 

I WILL NOT FORGET THIS when it comes time to renew.


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Re: Bad bad service
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Good day, Gunnyhwy11. I apologize for the bad experience outlined in your post. As a consumer, I sincerely understand your desire to get a brand new phone as a replacement and would be able to provide one within 30 days from the purchase date, but as indicated in your post you came back to the store on day 31 and our only replacement option is the Certified Replacement as per this link (


We are confident that the replacement device will perform as new and you will not experience any service issues with it. If you do, please reach out to us here, or on other Social Media channels like Facebook (, and Twitter (, and we'll be happy to help you further. -Antonio