Bad salesman tactics...
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I've been on the yearly upgrade plan since the very beginning.  I got the Note9 last year and - as always - specifically asked before buying it if my upgrade plan would change.  The salesperson told me no.  Now, I'm sitting here being told that in order to upgrade earlier, I'd have to pay off the entire phone...

Clearly lied to me...  and I would never have upgraded if they had told me this.

I'm beyond angry...

One line is only $104 to pay off the device, so I'm paying that one off and moving it to T-Mobile, ratcheting the plan down to absolute bare minimum, and will be moving the other line there in a month or so.

50% Early Upgrade was the only reason why I bothered to stay on Verizon, especially since a 2 year agreement is absolute trash with Android phones due to plummeting resale values due to early and frequent promotions.  This phone is almost worth less than an iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (Trade-In), and it isn't even a year old.

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Re: Bad salesman tactics...
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The yearly upgrade option hasn't been standard for several years. There were specific models that might have had that option, but it requires the customer to trade-in the current phone in order to qualify for a new DPP agreement. To simplify the options, Verizon Wireless has shifted to requiring the customer to pay the remaining balance of the DPP agreement before entering into a new DPP agreement with a new phone purchase. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.