Battery Drain - get REFURBISHED one by insurance?

I had been lied to and told that by paying the premiums for Asurion, that I would get a NEW phone if mine was not up to par. Battery drain is a big issue (phone is a little over a year old). If I agree to a replacement and just get a "refurbished" (aka used, pig in a poke) phone (can you tell I'm angry) will I be any better off?   Has anyone any first hand experience with this? 


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Re: Battery Drain - get REFURBISHED one by insurance?

battery drain is a performance issue, not a warranty claim.

whoever told you that, especially a 3rd party vendor, they fibbed to you.

Re: Battery Drain - get REFURBISHED one by insurance?
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We do like to operate with integrity and it does concern us to hear you feel this way about us lately. We would love to clear up any confusion regarding your plan or services and work towards getting a resolution for you. Providing you with superior service is the number one priority here at Verizon Wireless. We are concerned to hear that you are having trouble with your phone, but we will work to get this resolved. When it comes to the insurance via Asurion, you pay monthly so that if your phone has physical damage including liquid/water or is lost/stolen, you will be able to get another one once paying the deductible. If your phone is not damaged but you are having issues with the battery or other software issues, that is covered under the manufactures warranty. With this option, you do not have to pay for a replacement if the device is still covered. With either option however, your used device would not be replaced with a brand new phone. We do want to gather additional information about your battery draining issue so that we can fix that for you. When did this issue begin? Were there any changes made to your device right before you started to notice this issue?