Battery Issues Possibly solved and secure more privacy
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Battery Issues  Possibly solved and secure more privacy

1st step remove or disable all bloat ware Samsung and Verizon and i mean all look dt ignite this a back door verizon software to sell more junk  there are several vzwapn vzwwav .

Mu Battery life doubled

As for privacy Verizon has access to all info on your device  with out your permission i found this out during a call to tier 2 tech supervisor trying to figure out why my battery life had gotten so bad she advised due to some apps running it was possibly my problem.

I asked how she knew she informed they have access through installed software to help trouble shoot my device, i don't have a problem for the troubleshooting but at no time did a pop up on my device come up and ask for permission to do any of this trouble shooting nor did she ask.

That is  evasion of my privacy her answer they have to manually turn that feature ... apparently it is already awake and logging  actions and files.

But after removing all the Trouble shooting tools My Verizon  and anything link to them at all they no longer have any access.

Just my experience

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The non-uninstalable and non-removable, and still, non-disablable "innopath" process is the way in which Verizon accesses your phone.  The only bypass is to go to airplane mode.  Despite techs saying they can only see that you have x number apps installed, I know it is possible for other info to be passed along in the "quick look" taken of the device.

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I just "stumbled upon" this issue with my new LG V10 this morning. After an hour of having it off the charger I noticed it had used 10% battery very quickly. Went to my battery usage stats and saw that an app called DT Ignite had accounted for 44% of my battery usage during that hour! I researched the app online to figure out what the heck was going on. Found out it is a back door way for bloatware to be installed onto your cellphone without your knowledge. Sure enough, I looked and found several games and other apps that had mysteriously appeared since last night. Not cool. I immediately uninstalled all of said apps and then went into my app manager and force stopped DT Ignite and disabled it. Don't know for sure if it was LG or Verizon that put this malicious app on my phone (or a collusion between the two parties) but I suspect it was Verizon and I'm really honked off about it! I understand that bloatware is part of how the companies make money but this way is sneaky, underhanded, and very deceitful. Shame on you Verizon!!!