Battery problems on S5

My battery is OEM and not very old, maybe a year. I unplugged the phone at 6:30am, using 4G, not wifi (even though I'm sitting at home). By 10:30am it shows 50%. Strange, so I turn on wifi and check Fandango for about 3 minutes. Still sitting in my dining room.

Phone reboots when I go to check email. Comes back up with 1% battery left and starts to reboot again (this is a loop it gets into when the battery is low.) It is now plugged in and re-charging, but...

Does anyone else have this problem? Mine has been getting worse recently. I unplugged at 6:30am - it's now almost 11:00am and the battery has COMPLETELY drained. Other days will be normal, where the battery lasts until mid afternoon if I'm using it. My usage is VERY light, almost all internet stuff, very few special apps (my bank, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.) ZERO games, video or radio only when plugged in.

Has something changed? This has been happening more frequently of late; these days when something just drains the battery in a couple of hours!!

Any help greatly appreciated.

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When you go into the battery what does it say in there that is using up the battery?

Is it the android os-android system ?

When was the last time you cleared the cache partition in recovery mode?

Volume up-Power-Home will get you in recovery mode.

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As kathy65793 suggests, perhaps a System Cache Wipe will restore normal device operation. If not, you might backup personal content and perform a Factory Device Reset, aka Factory Data Reset (FDR).

You should be able to go into Settings | Battery and see what is consuming the battery.

If it were me, after the FDR, if behavior wasn't restored, I'd look at trying a different charger / cable. Have you tried slow charging via a PC USB port? I might also go on Amazon, and get a $11-15 replacement battery. Yes it's possible a relatively "new" OEM battery is defective.

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Having a long-lasting battery life is very important, WALterrific. Let's look into this and get this fixed right away. When did this start? Any physical/liquid damage to the device? Were there any changes to the device such as a software update or new applications?


Please run a Device Health Check through the My Verizon Mobile app and send us the results Also, please put the device in Safe Mode to see how it performs. Here's how Let us know how it works.



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