Being charged now for a bogo deal from August 2021

Why am I currently being charged for a phone that I originally got from Verizon through a bogo deal if I added a new line. Back in August of 2021, I sent in my S20 Ultra for a new one because it was under a protection plan. It was damaged so I paid for the damage cost and deductible. Shortly after that, I decided I wanted a new phone. So I called about the IPhone 12 pro max, because I intended to purchase it. However, a Verizon agent told me that they were having a BOGO deal for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultras with adding a new line. That sounded like a great idea, so we made the deal and added a new line. NOW 5 months later, Verizon I charging me for both phones. Supposedly because an employee of their's made a mistake about the BOGO deal expiring in the next couple of days. I received my phones through the mail 4 days later and once they were activated apparently the deal was no longer available. None of that was brought to my attention, because otherwise I wouldn't have purchased two devices when I only called about the Iphone 12 Pro Max. I have the receipt where it says BOGO and I haven't paid for the other "free" phone for 5 months. Now I am being charged for a Verizon employees mistake for a phone I didn't even want to begin with. Why am I being held responsible for their mistake?

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Re: Being charged now for a bogo deal from August 2021
Customer Service Rep

Katie_24, thank you for reaching out to us. Making sure you are receiving the promotional credit that you qualify for is important. Allow us the opportunity to take a closer look at the details. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.