I recently visited the local verizon store because I was given a tablet I thought was given to me for purchasing a new phone.  I called the headquarters due to when I received my bill I noticed that a charge was on my account that I didn't understand of $30.00.  This charge would be on my bill for the next 2 years for a total of $720.00....Whoa  no way..... After a lengthly discussion with them I was instructed to return the table as they has annotated on my account a one time allowance to return the item.  When I returned to the store I was told that it was not possible because I hadn't returned the table within the return guidelines of 14 days....are ya kidding me.  The bill only comes once a month 30 days.....ARGH.   I asked the store manager to please check my account for the message and still was told that he could not do it.   The manager and I talked for a long perid and after our discussion I was told to go ahead and keep the tablet and due to the fact I served in the military he was able to provide a discount for me and my bill would return to it's normal amount...one I could afford of $130.00.   I checked my "my Verizon " account and to my suprize the bill was $148.50????   I was also instructed by the store manager to wait at least 2 billing cycles for everything to post??

I feel as though this may not be the case.... can anyone or has anyone had this happen to them and if so.... What can I do?   Just an honest guy trying to look out for myself.   Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.  🙂

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Re: Bill

1.  Carriers don’t give away free cellular devices with no catch, paid service for 24 months.   (None of Them!)

2.   Canceling the line will generate an ETF (I think $175).  

3.   Next time read before you sign, the 2 year contract was in the information 

4.   If it falls apart, file a BBB complaint.  Verizon May then agree to take the tablet back and void contract.


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Customer Service Rep

Tim3531, I'm so sorry this was your experience with us, and the new Tablet. Our goal is always to provide accurate and consistent details. Have you had a chance to look at newer bills, or a confirmation the promotion will be added since the conversation with the manager?